What We Do

We work with clients to identify the best route to move from INTENTION to ACTION. Depending on the goal, we can work with you to address an opportunity relating to our main three focus areas.


Internal and external events can trigger the need to implement change within an organization, function, or site to achieve objectives, deliver a stronger organization and better place to work.  Organizations who engage employees, adopt new initiatives and keep pace, have the advantage that comes from being agile. We work with client organizations on:

Embedding Strategy and Vision

Providing the process to support embedding strategy in the organization

Team Dynamic
Aligning Culture

Guiding the approach to ensure the desired culture, aligned with strategy, transcends the organization

Implementing Processes and Programs

Bringing into practice new or different ways of working and making them stick

Providing Leading Indicators of Change

Sharing insights to show where there is traction and where attention may be required


With the increasingly complex and ever-changing employment environment, combined with typical tenure now between 3-5 years, the need to be able to engage, empower, and mobilize each team member to be accountable and perform to their full capabilities, is critical for success. Whether the team is intact, cross-functional or a project team, we work with team members on:

Collaborating Successfully

Applying assessment and an approach to develop awareness and skills to communicate and work together effectively

Learn from Mistakes
Making Learning Stick

Providing the system to capture commitments, keep them top of mind and monitor change in behaviour

Peer Development
Fostering 21st Century Skills

Supplying the methodology and tools to develop essential skills for success in today and tomorrow’s workplace

Role Fit
Transitioning to New Roles

Jump-starting the first 90 days for new, transferred or promoted team members and leaders


Leaders have tremendous impact on organizational performance. Effective 21st century leaders engage employees and can easily introduce and sustain desired change. Great results emerge when leaders energize a diverse workforce committed to contributing their best. We work with leaders on:

Micro Innovation
Implementing Knowledge

Supporting the application of content from leadership programs into the context of the workplace

Leading Others

Providing the simple and effective framework for regular and inspiring conversations with team members

Applying Feedback

Converting feedback from 360’s and other assessments into new habits

Aligned Purpose
Calibrating Leadership Teams

Aligning the leadership team to a common voice, focus, and priorities