About i2a

It’s about moving INTENTION – a strategy, idea, plan, initiative, project, knowledge, or commitment - to action.

i2a Coaching and Consulting

i2a Coaching and Consulting helps organizations and individuals bridge the gap between knowing what to do and making it happen. We call this concept 21st century leadership.

Our methodology applies best practices based on two decades of corporate and consulting experience combined with current research which enables us to provide practical and impactful solutions. We focus on context, behaviour change, and measurable business impact.

Our approach is particularly attractive to forward thinking leaders and teams who:

Time Management

Want to implement improvements but are busy

Team Dynamic

Pursue alignment or continual improvement across geographically disbursed teams


Seek to sustain or scale learning and change in the organization


Approach enhanced performance through employee engagement

Learn from Mistakes

Desire insights to results from learning and other change initiatives


Believe agility and collaboration are critical to their success


Are facing the realities of complexity and ambiguity


Operate in a competitive, fast paced and rapidly changing environment

Helping You Achieve Your Desired Outcome

When the intention is to bring improvement, unleash potential, and achieve more, then our experience combined with powerful tools will contribute to bridging that gap and moving to action and positive outcomes.

Aided by the Actionable metrics driven platform and real-time data, we use a disciplined and structured approach that can include ADVISING, COACHING, CONSULTING, FACILITATING and TRAINING, as well as leadership and team ASSESSMENT to support evolution in organizations, leaders and teams.

As a result, our clients are actively engaged in achieving their desired outcomes and can monitor commitments to change.